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I am a certified elementary teacher in New Jersey. I also have a TESOL/TESL/TEFL certification. I have taught in Colombia. Over in Colombia, I had the opportunity to grow as an educator. Now, the majority of my students are from Brazil, Colombia, China, and Taiwan . I am currently teaching elementary students in the United States. Also, I am teaching adult learners at an international school. Another experience that I have is teaching online for a few years.

Our Mission & Vision

“Striving to help students learn English. Teaching students to value and appreciate the English language. We provide students the tools they need to successfully study at their own pace. Students will feel confident to always move on to the next lesson.”

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We Offer

We will provide monthly pre-recorded lessons and videos for students to watch and then quizzes that will give them immediate results so they can see their improvements. We only speak in English. The best way to learn English is to always listen to the English language. 


Wavy English on the News!

Mr. Ashour has been teaching English for 5 years world wide . His students are from Colombia, Brazil, China, and Taiwan.  He is an elementary school in Newark NJ. He also teaches at an international school for adults in Elizabeth NJ. Mr. Ashour realized that a lot of adult learners stopped studying  English in this pandemic.  So he created a website called ‘Wavy English”. This virtual learning platform has pre-recorded videos, lessons, and quizzes.