Wavy English


This program offers monthly pre-recorded lessons and videos. Students are able to study anytime of the day. Students will also  have access to quizzes that will give them immediate results so they can see their improvements. 

Learn English 

“Practice Makes Perfect”

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“I took classes with Professor Omar for six months -being my first English class in the United States. I remember starting out very shy but thrilled, and eager to learn. Professor Omar put us to work on our reading, conversation, and grammar, which made me bold with my level of English. After a good foundation sustained by his teachings, I had the opportunity to enter college holding a level 5 of ESL. Today, with almost four years in this country, I am a senior majoring in Business and I really appreciate the warm dedication that Omar had with all students in the classroom no matter how “bad” we were at English.”

Deyna De Freitas